DBC Offering

  1. 01

    Mentoring and Coaching with office Spaces

    One of the initiatives of DBC is Mentoring and Coaching with Office Spaces to the start-ups and Regional Offices of existing businesses. These services are available at a very reasonable cost. The first coaching and mentoring space is at Mahape 402 A wing, Technocity 400710. This center is Wifi enabled, well connected through rail and road transport. There are training rooms available for corporate training for about 15 to 18 people. This space can also be used for small group meetings including Board Meetings.

  2. 02

    Facilitator for Entrepreneurs

    DBC is an effective facilitator for entrepreneurs to connect with suitable mentors/facilitators and coaches who are leading professionals in their fields to help entrepreneurs at various stages of their business. DBC can help arrange for meetings with Angel investors and investors. DBC will organize Investors’ meets from time to time. DBC has team of professionals who will assist to register your business entity, evaluate your credit worthiness, arrange business loans, handle taxation, company accounts, other compliances including GST.

  3. 03

    Professional Training Programs

    DBC regularly conducts Webinars and Corporate Training Programs on relevant business topics like Business Analytics, Data Protection, Taxation, Commercial Credit, Compliances, Good Governance, Expansion Strategy, HR Strategies and Processes, Machine Learning, Fintech, Manufacturing 4.0, and many more. These will expose DBC members to be current in the latest business practices and processes.

  4. 04

    Enhancing Outreach

    DBC will enhance the outreach of its members by collaborating with various Business / Industrial / Trade/ Professional Associations. As Every DBC member, you will have opportunity to interact and network with these Associations.

  5. 05

    Rating and Auditing Organizations

    DBC has created an audit and rating platform to get the businesses rated based on their credibility and sustainability i.e. a corporate score cum rating which will give the organization, its vendors, its customers a new way to look at the organization. DBC also rates the organizations based on the feedback system from its members who have worked with the organization about the organizations’ ability to deliver, customer satisfaction and the Product / Service quality.